Avhoyringar í grindamálunum seinasta summar
20. januar 2011
Ferðaliðið hjá ríkispolitinum kemur til Føroya 6. februar og skal gera kanningar og avhoyringar í sokallaða "grindamálunum" í summar. Talan er um grindirnar í Húsavík 8. og 9. juli og í Klaksvík 19. juli 2010.
Tilsamans 15 grindir vóršu hildnar til ķ Fųroyum ķ 2010 har 1129 grindahvalir lųgdu beinini. Trż grindadrįp fingu serliga umrųšu og vóršu eisini meldaši til politiiš. Talan var um drįpini 8. juli, tog 9. juli tį įvikavist 169 og 24 hvalir lųgdu beinini į sandinum ķ Hśsavķk og so 19. juli tį 228 hvalir vóršu hildnir til ķ Klaksvķk.
Eftir at fśtin hevši móttikiš frįbošanina varš avgjųrt at feršališiš hjį rķkispolitinum skuldi gera kanningar og avhoyringar ķ mįlinum fyri at kanna eftir, um grundarlag er fyri at skuldseta nakran ķ mįlunum.
Feršališiš kemur til Fųroya 6. februar og stešgar her ķ nakrar dagar mešan mįliš veršur kannaš. Taš verša helst gjųrdar fleiri avhoyringar ķ mįlinum og vituligt er, at avvaršandi sżslumenn verša avhoyrdir.

Ovara myndir er tikin ķ Hśsavķk 8. juli 2010 (Sandoyarportalurin)
Nišara myndir er tikin ķ Sandagerši ķ samband viš merking av grind (Rógvi Mouritsen) frį greinini "Eitt sindur um grindahval" eftir Mourits Mohr Joensen.
Vįgaportalurin gjųrdi nakaš burturśr hesum og skrivaši tį um innihaldiš ķ frįbošanini, sum sį soleišis śt:
Hetta er skriviš frį WDSF stovnaranum Jurgen Ortmuller sum Vįgaportalurin hevur fingiš innlit ķ:

The German Whale and Dolphin Protection Forum (WDSF) is herewith suing the local chief of police of Husavik/Sandoy (Fame Islands), who is responsible for the whaling event on July 8th and 9th 2010, for abusing the laws of whaling. As proof we are presenting the media report.

We are also suing the local chief of police of Klaksvik (Faroe Islands) who authorized the "Grind" slaughter of pilot whales) on July 19th 2010. Some time before the whaling event an oil spill occurred in the harbor of Klaksvik and the water was still oily at the time of the hunt. We witnessed this fact at the end of July 2010 as per photo # 3488.

Furthermore, the slaughter of the pilot whales on July 19th 2010 did not take place on the beach, which was predestined for this hunt, but in a very confined part of the harbor, which is not suitable for such a slaughter.

According to the law the individual pilot whale has to be slaughtered quickly.

With the help of the new Blaestrarongul (hook with attached rope) the killing should be done in a few seconds_ But as we can prove the killing of the pilot whales in Klaysik and Husavik lasted a multiple of the lawful time. We demand that the slaughter of pilot whales should be forbidden in the confined space of the harbor of Klaksvik_ We also demand that the slaughter of pilot whales should be outlawed in Husavik, because the small amount of inhabitants living in that village are not capable to perform the slaughter properly.

Hetta eru prógvini:

Proof to the charge against chief of local police: Press Release of August 25th 2010

Animal Rights Activists uncover scandalous whaling practices on the Faroe Islands.

At the beginning of August the two whale-protection activists Juergen Ortmueller of the Whale and Dolphin-Protection-Forum (WDSF) and Andreas Morlok of PROWAL accessed the Faroe Islands situated in the North Atlantic disguised as anglers. On these islands hundreds of pilot whales are being cruelly and bloodily slaughtered by the people and their fishermen every year.

The activists uncovered through actions and research further scandalous practices during the whale slaughter, which the Faroese and the government agency would rather like to bury. On the island of Sandoy the local chief of police authorized the slaughter of whales, which should never have been permitted to have been performed in this horrible manner.

Whale meat and blubber are being consumed by these people, whose forefathers were the Vikings, but the meat is also offered on the open market for sale. That there is commercial selling going on was always denied by the Faroe government and by the Danish motherland, but has now come to light thanks to the activists.

On July 9th 2010 a pod of 193 pilot whales was herded by boats onto the beach of the town of Husavik on the island of Sandoy. This town has only a population of 126 people and there were not enough hands available to kill the whole pod at once. Since at the end of the day not all of the whales were beached and slaughtered, the surviving whales were, contrary to the Faroe law, tied to boats by ropes fastened around their tails. Thrashing about in panic and trying to make contact with their family members the 24 surviving whales spent the whole night tied to the boats in the bloody water before they too were slaughtered the next day.

An outraged Andreas Morlok says: "This hunt was doomed from the beginning. There were far to few helpers signed up for this event and the police chief responsible for this disaster knew exactly that the people living in this town are over age. 25 % are over 65 years of age and most of them could not participate in this exhausting hunt. Only 1.334 people live on the whole cluster of Sandoy islands. In contrast there were 1.870 participants in the hunt of 108 pilot whales which took place at Thorshavn, (19.873 inhabitants) the capital of the Faroe Islands and all the whales were slaughtered within minutes according to the whale hunt guidelines. It is not the truth and it is not comprehensible why the Danish and the government of the Faroe Islands still maintain that the whale hunt is performed according to animal rights guidelines in this partially autonomous country."

Juergen Ortmueller, CEO of WDSF, is calculating that the 193 pilot whales slaughtered in Husavik, would amount to about 96.500 kg of meat and blubber. So every person living on the island of Sandoy would receive a share of 70 kg, which would be enough for a year's supply if every person eats a steak weighing 200 gram per day. The chief of WSDF continues:"The government of the Faroe Islands strongly suggests to consume whale meat and blubber only once or twice a month because of high contamination by mercury and PCB's. Small children and women who are or want to become pregnant should totally stay away from whale meat. The mountain of meat in Husavik cannot be consumed by the small amount of people living on Sanvoy and we have documented that the meat and blubber are being sold in open and black markets, which fact to date has been denied.

Both organizations have sued the police in charge of the hunt on the Faroe Islands for animal abuse. The goal of the two animal rights organizations is the prohibition of all whale hunts on the Faroe Islands. In the following weeks WDSF and ProWal are going to expose more discovered scandals while undercover. For their own safety the two activists disclosed their undercover activity to the authorities and in Kopenhagen they presented a list of almost 60.000 collected signatures against the whale slaughter to the Faroe parliament, Danish Prime Minister and the Queen.

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